Ozone Treatment

Get For your car latest technology in Ozone sanitation. Refresh your car interior with second most powerful oxidant in the world.

This process is probably most effective way of deodorising vehicles. We specialise in removing odours such as:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Water damage
  • General soiling (such as milk)
  • Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds and Fungus


Refresh look of your car! With our fantastic value for money valeting service.
We will prove to you that your car not just will look better but will increase it will increase its value for money.

Express Valet from €30
Includes hand wash, Hight quality wax, chamois dry, tyre dressing, vacuum including boot, dashboard polish & fragrances.

Mini Valet from €50
Includes hand wash & door ledges cleaned, high quality wax, chamois dry, tyre dressing, vacuum including boot steam mats, plastic & vinyl trim polished, windows cleaned inside and out, air fragrances.

Full Interior Valet from €80
Includes hand wash & Dry, vacuum including boot roof cloth, seats & carpets shampooed & stains removed, leather care treatment. door ledges & sills cleaned. plastic & vinyl trim polished, windows cleaned inside & out, air fragrances.

Full Valet from €100
Includes hand wash, door lodges & sills including boot, chamois dry, vacuum including boot, roof cloth, seats & carpet shampooed, stains removed, leather care treatment for leather interiors, rubber, vinyl and plastic polish, tar removal, windows cleaned inside and out, tyre dressing & air fragrances. Choices of high quality polishes available to pick from.

Commercial Vehicles & Taxi

Truck wash and full cab Valet's up to 30ft, side curtain cleaning. Tractor unit full valet. From €120

Special taxi rate, wash & chamois.

Express Valet for Taxi for €25

Car Wash

If your looking for fast and precise job visit our car wash.
Change look of your car in few minutes, and allow it to shine again!

Car wash + wax €10 (Jeeps extra €2)

Car wash + Chamois €12

Car wash + Wax + Chamois + Tyre dress €14

Car wash + Wax + Hoover €16

Leather Seat and Lamp Restoration.

Trough years of use some of your car parts might need just more than refreshing.

Our facility gives you chance to restore your leather seats (any kind of type and colour) as well as front and back lights.

Check in our gallery photos of our previously made restorations!

Paint Correction

Paint correction process, is cheapest and very precise method to regenerate your cars paint coat from many scratches and marks.

With high advanced Rupes Bigfoot random orbital polishing system, we can remove microscopic layer containing mention earlier imperfections, reviling shiny and sparkling coat of paint underneath. You have to remember that this process depends from state of your cars body part and we can provide you quote only after pre-check of your vehicle.

Paint correction needs special interior condition, so it might be done only at our establishment.

Paint Protective Coating

Weather conditions in Ireland might be consider as very challenging for any kind of material including your car body parts. That's why we would like to introduce you to our paint coating services.

With specially selected double and triple component system created by us and strict application system, we would be able to provide for you:

Water-spot damage protection,

no need to put wax coats,

easier cleaning process and protection form dirty water drops( it won't stay at your cars body components),

protection from acid and salt at winter season,

keeps your car safe from bird droppings damage properties,

coating won't be removed from your car by any detergents or water, preserving your car and putting it value up!

Tire Services

We stock and replace all types and main brands of tires in reasonable price.

Contact us to get more information about our service!